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Globalist Elite - Guidance by Machine Elves Contacted Thorugh DMT

This video series explores the use of ancient shamanistic "spirit guidance" techniques by the globalist elite, in their bid for ever more power. Consider the well established fact of kings and tyrants throughout the millenia using soothsayers, necromancers, and astrologers for guidance. Adolf Hitler notoriously used occultists to secure such advantages.

Now anthropological research has apparently revealed that the ascent of mankind has always been aided by contact with a spiritual or otherworldly realm, by means of hallucinations and trances. Mythology of many peoples seem to include tales of technological assistance or instruction by spiritual beings.

The use of the short-acting and controllable hallucinogen DMT seems to have opened a new door to the repeatable study of these hallucinations, and regular contact with the strange beings encountered in this dream-like realm. Given the history of political leaders mentioned above, it seems very likely indeed that our modern megalomaniacs are also looking for the same edge from any spiritual source available to them.

The recently discovered criminal experimentation with LSD by the US government, combined with the known intelligence experimentation with telepathy or out-of-body "remote viewing", make it a very short jump to conclude that hallucinogens are being used today to enhance "intelligence gathering" by the same techniques. Indeed, as you will see in some of the research papers in PDF form below, DMT has in fact been used to "remove defensive barriers" to telepathic or psychic induction.

Consider also that occultic spiritualism is the official religion of the ultimate globalist public body, the United Nations. (Specifically, they have named the religion of Madame Blavatsky, whose works are very well known.) Add to this the pronouncement by the early British imperialist-globalist Benjamin Disraeli, that "Isis worship" occultism would one day become the global religion, and there seems little left to be proven.

The British-Khazar quest for global power, and the spiritual dimension of it, may also be connected to recent wars. The recent war in Iraq seems to have been accompanied by an obsession with the artifacts and history of ancient Babylon and its kings. Given that the modern religion of the Khazars ("Judaism") is derived from Babylonian Talmudism, and that the British royal lineage believes they are descended from King David and probably (presumably) the earlier Babylonian kingly lines as well. The Babylonian priesthood evidently had working knowledge of the pineal gland (or "the third eye"), and its connection to spiritual visions and perception. Are the British-Khazar oligarchs and royalty striving toward the same spiritual contact and authority of the mighty (and evil) Babylonian kings> These modern globalists do seem to see themselves as the unchallenged inheritors of the same throne of the early egoistic tyrants, who unchallenged, ruled the known world of their own time.

Below these links to related material, you will also find a collection of first-hand reports by DMT users, detailing their own encounters with "alien beings" or machine elves in the DMT realm.

Rebuilding Babylon as Global Capital - In Iraq, by US, Britain - Research Package v1

Black Nobility - Committee of 300 - Globalism - Khazar Zionist - Oligarchs - Research Library 2012

The UN and the Occult Agenda

Order Of Death - Dark Occultic Secrets of Our Leaders - Alex Jones (2012) - Infowars

How Britains Biggest Racists and Financiers Created Zionism - by Mark Burdman

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FRINGE (television series) - Use of "Cortexifam" DMT-like drug as a means to access a parallel universe.

CONTACT - Alien beings send humanity a message on how to reach them. DMT users actually report the DMT experience to be like what is shown in the film. Government attempts to monopolize the discovery.

STARGATE - Means are discovered in ancient culture, to allow transcendent instantaneous travel to other worlds, and contact other intelligences. New technologies are thereby revealed. Government seeks to monopolize and hide this power.

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